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"Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life." James Cromwell

About All Paws Pet Talk Radio

All Paws Pet Talk Radio is an educational, informational and resource center that allows the pet guardian to feel confident that they are doing all the right things to ensure a happy healthy life for their furry family members.
All Paws Pet Talk Radio has assembled the most respected, professional team of animal experts in the country to provide this information, stay up on current events and offer comprehensive, easy to implement advice.
All Paws Pet Talk Radio caters to all proud pet guardians of dogs, cats and or horses.
All Paws Pet Talk Radio’s audience is engaged, as they share our passion with our amazing host and lovely guest each show.
Join us; we are here for you with the goal of creating the “best life possible for the animals”
Many listeners choose to listen to the various radio shows by going online and listening to the live Internet radio from
The audience finds in our programs something they won’t find anywhere else on pet talk radio, an education. This unique, educational aspect has helped to give All Paws Pet Talk an audience that is extremely devoted and loyal. If you have any questions, or story ideas, or guests you’d like to hear on the show, please contact us.

Jack Herbert – Born and raised in Boston, Jack started playing Tenor Sax at age 11.  At age 13 he put together a society band and played and entertained thousands of weddings and private functions throughout the Boston area.  Upon high school graduation he entered Berklee School of Music later named Berklee College for a two year program. There he met and played with many famous musicians; meeting the “5th Dimension” in the 60’s in an elevator in “The building of the American Federation of Musicians” in New York. It was at that time he changed his direction in the music industry and he took a big chance dealing with The Ramada Inn in Buffalo, N.Y.  which was the beginning of his booking career. The Ramada inn would take his only group at the time if he would take the group playing at the hotel to Boston. He flew in Beau Hannon and the Mint Julips from Canada for an audition hoping that the club in Boston would hire the group. The club did and held Beau Hannon over for three years with packed audiences every night.  With that experience he then started bringing in dozens of Canadian Show groups to entertain throughout the country.  He then received a call from Complex IV in Bridgeport Conn. to join forces. He did for several years but did not want to keep commuting to Bridgeport from his home in Cape Cod. He later joined up with the busiest agency in New York, Norby Walters for many years at which time he broke into booking headliners from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The agency insisted he move to New York City. He stayed in his surroundings in Cape Cod and later moved to Orlando where he joined up with Walter Walters, Norby’s brother. With the passing of his sister Judy that was dedicated to rescuing homeless animals, he was inspired to continue her projects. He then decided to take it to another level by producing pet radio shows in taking the messages to the public, hence “All Paws Pet Talk Radio” was born. With his experience in bookings and management the radio show is being heard throughout the world.  It looks like Jack Herbert is coming out of retirement and now being called up to be with the number one Motown Group. The Miracles featuring  Sydney Justin.